Monday, August 18, 2008


Colby, age 20, had a girlfriend who he believed was 16. They were living together at his family’s home and enjoying a young romance.

At some point Colby and his girlfriend took a picture of her orally touching him on a cell phone. The cell was taken to the police who were able to unlock
the code and he was charged with attempted pandering. He received a three year sentence and was required to register for ten years.

In 2008, Colby was violated on his probation for being near this young lady and was sentenced to two years prison.

He is currently serving time and now is required to register 25 years due to Adam Walsh Act.


Rile said...

Colby got shafted by the law if you want my honest opinion,,,Rile*

Rile said...

Colby got shafted by the law if you want my honest opinion,,,Rile*

Jerod said...

Many young peoples life get ruined because they just made simple stupid mistake at young age like myself at 22 year old give me no hope for life sometime but I just try to think i actually can have one !!!but deeply in back of my mind I knew I m screwed

sacky said...

I certainly hope that this never happens to my children. I don't think that the laws fair. What do we do to get these changed? Most of us could have had this happen to us when we were young!They are ruining these kids lives!

Marty Lee said...

People don't get in trouble, they're put in trouble.

The law's net is cast too broadly in this witch hunt with sexual neurotics leading the way. Kids are naturally inquisitive. Calling the latent sexual behavior of children who play doctor inappropriate is archaic as is having ten year olds and teenagers on a sex offender registry for trivial and antiquated statutory offenses. The very fact that this occurs only strengthens my belief that most people in authority are unfit and that the law is an ass.

C.U.T.R. "Clean Up the Registry" Ohio said...

This is my son. He was quite the happy boy, as most children are at that age.
I am thankful for Mary who is fighting this fight against the unjustices of our son's and so many like him.
I thank God that He brought me to Mary in '06, when this nightmare started.
I can only pray that through these efforts and countless others, that some day the change will come.
Our son's should NOT pay for the violent crimes that the registry was made for.
God has chosen us for this fight and God will see us all through this.
Vengence is God's and for me, that is my only comfort.
A Mother's love, just as God's love, is unconditional.
I love you Colby~Son!!

C.U.T.R. "Clean Up the Registry" Ohio said...

There's not a day that I do not think of you Colby~Son.